The sum of leading brands in the cosmeceutical sector and the hands of our professionals, guarantees optimal and effective solutions for your beauty.
Purifying Treatment
Service of facial cleaning at all levels to detoxify, purify, oxygenate and care for the skin

express (60 min)
complete (90 min)

Anti-age Treatment
Service to maintain the health of the skin and to prolong its youth to the maximum

Facial Microneedling
Virtual mesotherapy for maximum stimulation of collagen and elastane production as well as deep penetration of the active ingredients

Face Massage
A specific technique to improve the condition of the skin and combat the signs of aging

Facial Peeling (40 min)
Anti-age Treatment
4 sessions (90 min)

4 sessions (60 min)

5 sessions (60 min) + 1 session as a gift
10 sessions (60 min) + 2 sessions as a gift

Purifying Treatment
4 sessions (90 min)
PACKs of Estetics
60 €
85 €
85 €
75 €
65 €
40 €
306 €
270 €
325 €
280 €
600 €
Salon de belleza en Barcelona
Salon de belleza en Barcelona


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